The Wondrous Web

This time we start with Klip. Although he had all the advantages of life Klip was not content. Leaving behind a loving family and his pick of any maiden to be his spouse he has left to find the magic of the bottle. He has found himself thinking more about the bottle and less about his trade. He will go to the Obelisk to seek help from a spell caster. Little does he know that other eyes are watching his progress.

As Klip enters the Keldorran forest a sinister bird flies overhead. It was Huraak the Seer. He is part of a network of spies the evil N'Borg has watch over lesser known trade routes. He was also a thief. Holding Klip's cape is a bright clasp. What a great treasure to have this would be. Huraak swoops down to grab the clasp. As he got close the very alert Dowser defends his master. Neither Klip nor Huraak realize the future consequences of this meeting.

Entering the forest Klip decides it was time to rest. One will rest while the others slept. Dowser notices that something seems to be glowing from the inside of the bottle. He approach's it slowly. He is so taken by the glow that he does not notice three mugrah's approaching them. They are intent to rob Klip. The instant the attack starts dowser pulls the stopper from the bottle releasing a searing bolt of lightning. The twin moons float clear of cloud and fill the glade with light. What happens next will send a chill through anyone's bones.

In the next story we go back to the Obelisk and see an alarmed group of wizards. Unusual occurrences are happening for no reason. Rueggan discovers that the Dom crystal has developed a cold spot. This will weaken its power. The wizard's thoughts immediately turn to N'Borg and must react quickly to avert disaster. More crystal must be found. A secret map has been delivered to the Obelisk showing the location of a new source of crystal.

Unfortunately the map has fallen into other hands. As a matter of fact almost everyone has a copy. Who could have done such a poor delivery job? N'Borg has even gotten a hold of a copy and you won't believe how he got it.

Meanwhile Klip has a strange meeting with a person called Root. Klip is told that his journey should be to the north. Klip knows something happened in the glade that has changed everything.

The expedition is now quite large as they look for the home of the crystal that the map shows. As their search takes them deeper and deeper into hostile territory they are observed by N'Borg's spies. A chance meeting with Ikshar helps the wizards in their search.

N'Borg has been watching every step and decides that it is now time to unleash his legions on the wizard expedition and capture the crystal for himself. He leaves N'Chakk in charge of the Krak who in a fit a rage confronts N'Leila and Bellom. What will their fate be? What happens to them next?

The wizard's expedition is confronted by N'Borg's forces. In a pitch battle of good versus evil all the future of Krystonia is at stake.

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