Krystonia III

In these translations we have surprising answers to some questions about Krystonia. Important issues such as: When did dragons first eat charcoal cookies?

Cinders and Ashes finds Shadra wanting to trace her roots. After finding little help she turns to Gurneyfoot the past leader of the dragon society. With him being nine hundred and eighty six years old he has a wealth of information. She is fascinated as he recalls the battle between the great bejeweled dragons Waldurgan and Escublar.

When speaking of Tig and Tag, the identical brothers, it was easy to get confused. Their father left when they were young to dig a tunnel and never was heard of again. When young you would not find a more helpful and good natured duo. As they aged their natural desire to build bridges took over. Deciding that they needed a male in their life their mother recruits the neighbor's husband to introduce them to what a troll life really is. With him the twins travel to a troll gathering under the mountains where large quantities of ragloss ore are found. After this they become very different trolls.

A nest left too long is prime picking for the Yoo Hoo bird. Being bird pecked by his mate he takes every nests he can. The other birds have no idea when they were about to lose their nest since the Yoo Hoo is invisible. Master Wizard Azael is requested to help find peace in the bird world and restore balance in the treetops.

Ego's run wild as the great cook off takes place. Head chef Hottlepottle considers himself the finest cook in all of Krystonia and tells everyone. When the apprentices start turning up their noses at his offerings he is appalled. Hoping to settle the problem a cook off is planned with the hope Hotpot will win. Just when everything is about to be smoothed over a surprise throws everything down the drain.

Herbs play an important part in Krystonia, especially to cure ailments. Blue timvinca is one of the most valued. This became very evident when one season N'Borg prevented their fall harvest. Someone has to come to the rescue before this situation gets out of control.

When Stoope decides to put on a one man show he doesn't count on mean old N'Grall showing up. N'Grall is intent on ruining things for everyone. With the help of Pultzr Stoope learns brains can win out over brawn sometimes.

Kephren is not left out of his writings and the mysteries that surround Krystonia. This is very obvious when he opens his door to find Root. As part of the wizard's code you must offer shelter from a storm when it is requested. No one knows where Root came from or even why he came. His presence will be long felt.

Returning to Klip we find he and Ottho are still collecting shells. It has been several years since he found the bottle and he has gained much wealth. Ottho on the other hand has more fleas and has become quite lazy. Klip has added a second pup, Dowser. Dowser's energy finally pushes Klip to make a journey long over due. Gathering the bottle they head off to the Obelisk feeling certain there is something magical about it.

We end at the Krak N'Borg where a polished black stone is being peered into. It is called the Eye of the Raven. Through this stone visions of the future can be seen. Who looks here and why?

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