Krystonian Adventures

In this book we discuss dragons, myth and legend, conflict and Klip.

The first stories tell you about some of our dragon friends. In Concerning Dragons Kephren refers to the large variety of different dragons, Grumblypeg, Winged, Mailed and Carbuncled.

We start out with Grunch being even grouchier than usual. He has a toothache. When news of his situation spreads throughout Carin Tor many want to help. Well meaning solutions are not always well though out. Will they work?

Another tale introduces Koozl. Here he finds his best friend. It is an item left behind by the ancients. After falling into a labyrinth and meeting Pooter the Floggle they must stay one step ahead of the Flawgrintawd.

Stoope takes center stage next as Krystonia gathers to celebrate the great harvest. Stoope unbelievably allows himself to not be the center of attention. He loves top billing but knows that if the show isn't good Grunch will have his hide. Joined by the acts of Pultzr, Jumbly, and Spyke, the show goes on.

In the final of the quartet warm hearted Owhey learns to fly. It is embarrassing to have wings and not be able to use them. Everyone wants to help Owhey take to the air or find the reason he can't.

Now Kephren turns his attention to several myths and legends.

To some Okinawathe is just a myth. Barlow of the Om-Ba-don begs to differ. Kephren turns to love when two childhood friends fall in love with same girl. How do Odan and Drago face this problem? As the story unfolds you learn of Gulbar -Gul and Zarak. A brief introduction to the Bahl Witch can be enough. With her pack of bone snappers she search's at night for children hopping to catch them sleepwalking. Kephren remembers a night where his parents might have awoken to find his bed empty.

Then he speaks of the confrontation between the followers of the Great Design and those of the dark side. Losing the first great battle N'Borg looks again to undermine the wizards. The inhabitants of Forest of Keldorrran don't take lightly to this happening in their domain and take things into their own hands.

Meanwhile the mischievous bobbols Poffles and Trumph visit N'Borg and go after his hoard of crystals. By zumping, they avoid the snord sentries and honji soldiers but must outwit Fester the jailer or who knows what will happen to them.

N'Borg takes for his queen the beautiful N'Leila. Her vision is to change the Krak to an oasis of flowering beauty. Is it to be? At the ceremony N'Leila becomes queen with her humble servant Bellom beside her.

The last conflict finds Rueggan setting sail with the Tulan's Gadazorri. On the way to the Shadi-Sampi they come under attack by N'Borg's cohorts N'Tormet and N'Grall. Rueggan and his allies seemed doomed until he devises a plan to try to save them.

In the final part of this book, Klip, of Sobul a young shell collector appears. With his keen nosed snoofer Ottho has become very successful. While searching for more shells, a glass bottle is spotted floating on the waves. Through the glass he sees parchment. After retrieving the bottle he can't keep himself from trying to open it. He doesn't realize the part this bottle will play in his life.

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