The Chronicles of Krystonia

In the heart of an ancient forest there is a tree like no other. It is home to Kephren, translator of the ancient scrolls and recorder of present time. Through this work we have learned of an ancient civilization and of the volcanic storms that allowed the magical crystals to be formed. Items left behind by the ancients are discovered in Krystonia. Their fate however is unknown. He needs to deeply concentrate but it is not always possible.

Today a tapping on his door reveals Master Wizard Rueggan and his Gorphs. He has a newly discovered item. As he starts to tinker the item unexpectedly springs to life. After a while they depart and Kephren turns his attention back to documenting the history, sociology and current affairs of Krystonia's tribes, clans and other inhabitants.

The dragons are among his favorites. Most live in Carin Tor. They are young, old, big, small, fat and chubby. Each has its own distinctive personality and is as different as night and day. During normal times they deliver goods and provide travel for the wizards. In war times their flame throwing is invaluable. They are led by the ever grouchy Grublypeg Grunch who negotiates all their contracts. It is impossible to tell you about all of them now but you will learn more later. Most are great fun except one, Grall. He is of an upleasant nature and his decision was best for all.

Beyond the towering mountains of Kappah lie the searing desserts of. Despite the intense heat the Maj-Dron flourish here. Riding their tented yurda's their caravan descends into the canyons of Kazam Ori constantly on the lookout for the kwarks and deadly Hagga-Beast. More than once they have come under attack. From the sands they gather precious stones and powerful crystals. Traveling past the ghostly remains of the ruined city to the pastures of Thogah-Loh they take a well deserved rest to celebrate their journey.

During one such celebration Moplos, of the Om-Ba-Don is first encountered. The Om-Ba-Don is a proud race who lives in the high mountains. Their yearly Olympics are legendary with the cape of golden rings awarded to the champion. Wait until you attend it. Snow sprites are also cold weather creatures. These small fury creatures live for mischief. Their ability to zump only adds to their shenanigans. Weather it be raiding Myzer's hoards or sneaking into Krak N'Borg all is fair game for them. The Gadazorri sail the oceans and the inland streams. Trading exotic spices and fabrics finds them traveling all reaches including the Shadi Swampi home of the fairy Hydro-Glyphs.

Playing a vital role are the spell casters. Using the magical crystals they work as the Council of Wizards to benefit all of Krystonia. They operate from the Krystellate Obelisk where the largest crystal in all of Krystonia sits. Areas falling under their domain are education/training of spell casters, range of spells a wizard may perform, research and development. There was a time when spell were cast haphazardly. As a result miscues happened. Since Azael's plan there is much less concern of a spell going awry. This is not to say that things always go as planned. Most wizards have a specialty such as Sheph, Turfen, and Graffyn. Protecting Krystonia is major concern. Their coordinated efforts have been able to keep the evil N'Borg in check. N'Borg could have been the greatest spell caster of all if not for his love of dark magic. He nurtures his hate exiled in the Barren Waste of Shugg where he rules with an iron fist and dreams of the day he will cast the winter of no end and rule all of Krystonia.

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