The Hitchhiker
Who is this creature and what message does he bring?

Fall Surprise
Once hidden inside the pile the fun will begin. Now they will wait for someone to go

A Big Yawn
What is the first sound you usually hear when a dragon hatches from his egg?

Soothing music + Tired legs + Two willing participants = one great nap!

Snow Partners
Proud Owhey has replaced his melted snow dragon with a pair. With two they should last twice as long.

A Curious Puzzle
As Kephren retrieves a broken cup, he wonders what has happened to the threesome who set out to meet with N'Chakk. A shocked Rudi may already have the answer as he looks in disbelief.

Rock Heads
When they went to meet the spellmaster N'Chakk, they were given a welcoming cup of nectar. In the blink of an eye, they now find themselves trapped in the stone they had been standing beside.

Rock Heads
When they went to meet the spellmaster N'Chakk, they were given a welcoming cup of nectar. In the blink of an eye, they now find themselves trapped in the stone they had been standing beside.

Traveling Companions
This is the Club Redemption piece for 2004.

Easy as ABC
After doing her alphabet another use for the blocks comes to mind, a balancing act.

Bang Chakalakka
Much to everyone's dismay, Cedric complements his latest chant with a very noisy instrument.

the Negotiation
Graffyn and Grunch argue over the latest hauling contract
Ride-em Dragon
You don't get very far, but it sure is fun!
Bearly Visible
You can never have enough friends
Mercy Me
No matter what she tries, nothing seems to get this youngster under control. He has lost his crystal. Sometimes things are right in front of your eyes and you don't see them.
Sweet Music
The Hydro-Glyph courtship is very special. It is carried out in several stages. The last involves the suitor composing and performing a special molody. If it finds a way to her heart they will be together forever.

Happy Feet
Many a traveler has fallen under the spell of the Hydro Glyph's enchanting music. Their body even starts to move on its own. This condition is referred to as 'happy feet'

Book Club
Forming a book club was a marvelous idea. The dragons love to read. No book is too small or too large.

When you have a burning desire to do something, you will find a way to accomplish it.

Great Story
I can't wait to get to the end!

Snow Day
To some, the white powder is considered quite a nuisance, but these dragons have found a way to turn it into a great time.
Hide and Seek
Where could be a better place than Myzer's cave to play hide and seek? Anywhere, if Myzer finds you!
The Last Gifts
The final bag is almost too heavy to deliver.
The Chronicles of Krystonia
Read an excerpt here

Krystonian Adventures

Krystonia III

The Wondrous Web

N'Groden and Gracko
From the uncharted lands, N'Borg's blood brother, N'Grodon enters Krystonia. His presence has been requested to form a war council with N'Chakk and N'Borg to finalize plans for Krystonia's conquest.
Oh My!
You can never tell where a good story may lead. In this case it has taken a very unexpected turn. No matter where it goes, good or bad, there is no stopping untill you find out the ending.
See Me!
I hope this impresses her, wait till she sees my next trick!
Tarnhold Pass
There is only one way to the Tarnhold, through the pass. The weather is often fierce and even the rugged Om-Ba-Don find it difficult to navigate.

Along the Steppes of Shimm
What a bright moon overhead. The Maj-Dron take a well deserved rest after a long day of crystal hunting in the searing heat.

Tree Sweet Tree
Shadra is on the look out for the rest of the gang. She's told them to bring items to furnish the new treehouse.

Fifteen Years
With the collaborative efforts of the dragons, the box has come to life. Once a crystal was placed on top a message appeared.

Step Two
A scroll has been discovered that may help to explain how the box works. Hopefully it will help unravel some of the mysteries inside, but it all read like Dragoneese to Pultzr.

Rohan enjoys watching the dragons work together. Where as usually they are hard to keep in one mindset for any length of time, they seem to be intrigued by this item. He steps back to allow them to find their way.

At Rest
Lafala sits down after a long day with her students. She has taught them for many years.

The Astronomer
Many a night you will find Koozl studying the skies. Beyond the twin moons he sees many fascinating sights and dreams.

"Off," I Say
"Get down from there!" yells Shepf, but he is ignored. The view from atop has the dragon's undivided attention. Hoisting a rope up, Shepf realizes the only way to get him down is to go up.

Where'd It Go?
That must have gone really far, I can't even see it!

He Scores
Since he found the disk and stick he can hardly put them down. Proudly wearing the torn jersey often you hear him yell what he read in one of the books found in the cave, "He scores!"

Martial Arts 101
The Booklet diagramed many different poses. Many remind you of movements made by creatures from the forbidden lands. With grace and confidence they make even difficult movements seem easy.

Comic Delight
This book is great. The pictures tell you all you need to know but the words add more. I hope they find a lot of these in the cave so I can collect them.
Simple Pleasure
I could do this forever.
Oh Well
I seem to be spending more time on my tail then on my feet.
Safe Haven
Jumbly is suprized by a sudden blizzard. He is not the only one who has found a safe haven. Checking the weather, they are both anxious to be on their way.

The Dragon Master
He is an extraordinary magician, but his powers go much beyond that. The simple wave of a hand may conquer an adversary. It is an honor to see him work.

Wide Awake
There is little chance anyone will fall asleep while the Dragon Master is performing.
What a special night. A magic show and a gift from Koozl. He modeled it after his best friend.
How he sits in this position for so long is amazing. He has not moved a muscle.
She is facinated. Her eyes miss nothing.
What Fun
Although no one can see him, Poffles has crashed the party. Being invisible does have certian advantages.
At Work
Does he ever stop?
The Obelisk
On a cloudy day you can see what appears to be bolts of lightining circling the Dom crystal. This happens only when the Wizards Council is in session.
Only played at night, each player waits for the moons bright light to reflect through the crystal onto a disk. The first player to yell Kozbot wins.
Hidden Treasures
The discovery of a new cave created quite a buzz. Inhabitants flocked to the site an chose treasures to experiment with. Luckily there were informational packets found with each treasure.
On Watch
Secret scrolls and books have been disappearing from the Obelisk library. Reammon has asked Lazaar to help him capture the perpetrator. Somehow I feel they are very close to solving their problem.
Shigger's Dilemma
After being surrounded and captured by a snord patrol, Shigger was brought to Krak N'Borg where his future is in doubt.

The Seer
If one could only tell the future they might rule the world. His power is one that many would love to have. While being envied he would warn others that his gift was not all it was proclaimed to be.

Shoof Shoof was a wizard of high status. When he first met Azael, he did not believe he spoke the truth. How could a wizard of so few years possess such knowledge? After a while he came to understand Azael and became one of his biggest supporters.
Get serious, was one of her favorite phrases. To say she was a cynic was a simple fact. There is a phrase that the saav fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. In this case, it was a Grunch that must have been his mothers saav.
Could this be Ottho's companion? His curiosity would not let him leave the bottle alone. Once he removed the stopper it was too late. The young Dowser had transformed into a beast no one had ever seen before.

The tales that Zerus would tell were not like any other. He would speak of lands that were uncharted and creatures that had never been seen.

To most they are called ears, but i suppose you could use them as handles. With mom in her usual perplexed state, I don't think Junior is being of much help.
The Stormslayer
Whether he liked it or not, Azael was stuck with the label Stormslayer. Though it may have not been his favorite, it did however explain what he was most known for.
Always willing to go along with anything that Muffler says or does, Pompon is a loyal companion. His favorite remark of "Anything you say" goes double when it's a request of Muffler.
His Secret
The hard-hearted N'Grall, this cannot be. Deep in the forest so no one can see he has made this journes many a time. It's a secret he goes to greath lengths to hide. N'Grall likes bubble baths!!!

Gilbran of Wenlock
Oh master wizard what have you done? A weather spell. With his arms trapped by his beard, Gilbran yells for help.

Tag the Troll
The poor Poodah's had to find a way to tell Tag from his twin brother Tig. Where as Tig was a pleasure to see, Tag couldn't wait to level his club on a Poodah's head.
Stoope the Stupendous
Dim all the lights and look center stage, Stoope the Stupendous is all of the rage. Come one, come all for what you will see, the wonderful, the exciting, the stupendous - me!
A Definate Maybe
There is only one thing that is sure about this dragon, his name is Polindron. If you ever venture to converse with him be ready for more than one opinion and let the unexpected be the rule.
Some things are born- others hatched, but Popotompotan literally exploded on the scene.
The leader of the Mugrah's cocky attitude is about to change. The strange howling will freeze him in his steps. He isn't going to wait around to see where it's coming from.
Startled by the swiftness of the birds attack, Klip reaches to save his necklace. Too late, it's gone. This shell collector from Sobul appearance will answer some of the mysteries surrounding Krystonia.

Moplos and Mos
Moplos's on-going search for krystal shows his devotion to the great design.
Another load of krystals brought out of the mountians by the sure-footed Gowdan pack animal.

If only i could fly...
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