The World of Krystonia

I've always believed in magic. Since I was a young apprentice I have been surrounded by it. It really helps being open to a sense of wonder and the places it takes me.

I can not imagine a more wonderful place to be than Krystonia. Almost everything about it brings a smile to my face. Often I sit at the end of the day and as the twin moons rise reflect on how lucky I am.

Is it perfect? No, but the good far outweighs the bad. I don't like to bring up the bad but it is to be found. I would rather talk about the good. So I will start there.

The wizards are marvelous. Even when things do not go as planned they plow ahead. Master Wizard Graffyn is their unelected spokesman. He tries to keep a lid on an overflowing pot of personalities. Negotiating contracts is an area that he loves, probably too much so for the dragon Grunch's liking. Rueggan loves to tinker. Anytime something is found that was left behind by the ancients he gets first crack at it. Turfen is a master of peaceful slumber while Haaph directs his powers in more of a mirth making nature. These are only a few of the wizards who make up the council. They meet at the Obelisk to deal with many important issues and some not so pressing. I will let you be the judge of what fits in these categories as you learn more. Luckily the wizards have been able to combine their powers to keep the evil N'Borg from taking over all of Krystonia

The Grumblypeg Grunch is definitely the leader of the dragons of Carin Tor and what a grouch he can be. It is comforting that all the dragons in Carin Tor aren't just like him. He blames his attitude on Graffyn as he says he always tries to take advantage of him. To imagine Carin Tor you have to close your eyes. Are they closed? Now put your arms in the air and twirl in a circle thirty times. Now open your eyes, I assume you are a little dizzy. Welcome to Carin Tor.

It is a very busy place. Notice I did not say productive. I said busy. The average age is only eighty four but there are some who live there that are closer to four hundred. Those of youthful years dominate when you are there. It is a whirlwind of excitement. In one clearing you might see the ever bossy Shadra organizing a tree house building party. Down from her Jumbly will be juggling away and Owhey is trying to fly. There is so much to tell about Carin Tor but let me just say that as confusing as it may sound nowhere will you meet a happier, better meaning bunch.

Krystonia is not just inhabited by dragons and wizards. Let me touch on just a very few things you will see in Krystonia. The snow sprites are full of mischief. Making matters worse they have just used their power to disappear and are swiping crystal from the greedy Myzer's barrels. It drives him nuts.

The trolls are building a bridge but their love of eating has caused them to take another two hour break. It is their fourth of the day. Moplos of the Om-Ba-Don clan along with pack animal Mos are lumbering through the snow from Tarnhold having just completed their Olympic celebrations. Shigger and the Maj-Dron travel the searing dessert in search of crystal. They are on the lookout for the winged Hagga-Beast for he would love to snatch them in his claws.

You probably noticed that crystal is mentioned often. That is because it is of the up most importance. Whoever has the most magical crystals has the upper hand in ruling all of Krystonia. By whispering charm words through them the wizards have been able to keep N'Borg in check. N'Borg's hoards also gather crystal to be used when casting his evil spells.

Yes I said that there is bad in Krystonia. Its name is N'Borg. Dwelling in Krak N'Borg he rules with an iron fist. He is joined there by N'Chakk, master of the dark arts, and the henchdragon N'Grall. There allegiance is one of need not desire. No one is trusted here. Nowhere is there more stress, as being a friend or foe gives you no protection. N'Borg believes in the survival of the fittest. His Honji soldiers have been known to be ordered to battle each other to the death. All this is done to weed out the weak. He spends many hours plotting for the wizard's demise. Once he destroys them he will rule all of Krystonia and cast the spell that will cause the winter with no end.

This is not the way I would prefer to end your introduction to Krystonia. Be assured the good outweighs the bad by a thousand times to one. In the coming time you will learn so much more about Krystonia and its inhabitants. There is a tremendous amount to tell you. Please feel free to visit again and again. I must go now as it is time for lunch and Wodema is bringing over some herbal delights.

I remain yours,