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You may be through browsing the site by now. If not don’t let me stop you. There is plenty to look at. Did you catch the mouse? Go back and click on certain scrolls and a story picture pops up. Krystonia is full of surprises. The more you find the more involved you will get. At least that is what has happened to thousands of collectors worldwide.

Collecting is fun. So lets get started. We have created over three hundred figurines in the last 22 years. Does that make us old or young? I guess it depends on your perspective. In the product section are pictures of currently available figurines. If you click on the picture it will enlarge and show its price. At the end of this column are a few of our dealers who you can contact to order any figurine. Your other option is to contact us and we will make sure you get whatever you want.

No matter what question you have we want to hear from you. After so many stories, adventures and hundreds of thousands of figurines and books sold you might think we are running out of gas. Guess what, we just filled the tank and are getting ready to take off. Hop aboard; fasten your seat belts here we go.
(P.S. don’t forget the club section. It’s a great way to become involved.)

Krystonia Dealers:



Castaic, Ca.


Heirlooms of Tomorrow
Lake Mary, Fl.

Pat's Gifts

Sunrise, Fl.